About the Journal
Ecological Engineering is a scientific journal widely looking up environmental protection problems. All articles published in the journal are peer-reviewed. The basic form of the publication is the electronic papers in Open Access mode.

We kindly inform, that we do not accept new papers for publication and we will stop issuing of the journal for an indefinite period.

Topics of the Journal
  • Waste management
  • Pro-ecological technologies
  • Environmental landscaping
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Climate change in the environment
  • Sustainable development
  • Surface water management
  • Potable water treatment and distribution
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Smog and air pollution prevention
  • Prevention of noise in the environment
  • Protection and reclamation of soils
  • Heavy metals in the environment
  • Renewable and non-conventional energy sources
  • Environmental protection of rural areas
  • Environmental life-cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Simulations and computer modeling for the environment

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    The frequency of issues
    Quarterly from 2000.
    Bimonthly from 2017